Project Info

Sambhav Foundation, founded in 2013, aims for equal opportunities for all. With 2000+ partners, they've impacted over 1 million lives in India, focusing on marginalized communities.


The old Sambhav Foundation website was outdated and poorly designed, with sparse and inaccurate content. Broken links led to error pages, harming its SEO. Editing and maintaining content became increasingly challenging over time.


The new website for Sambhav Foundation is a success! It has a fresh look, current information, and no more error pages. Visitors can easily find what they need, and the client can easily keep the content up to date.


We transform Sambhav Foundation online presence with our custom web development services. We create websitesthat look great, work well, and are uniquely designed for your business.

Strategy Highlights

User-Centric Design

ROILift focused on user experience by designing an intuitive and visually appealing website layout. We revamped Sambhav Foundation's website, aligning it with their mission for positive change. 

Responsive Development 

ROILift ensured the website was fully responsive. Our team meticulously crafts designs that are not only visually stunning but also function flawlessly on various screen sizes, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Content Integration

We integrate content seamlessly for Sambhav Foundation's website. We blended their messaging, visuals, and multimedia elements to create a cohesive online presence, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.

Payment Gateway Setup

We also facilitated seamless payment gateway setup for Sambhav Foundation's website, enabling secure transactions and enhanced user convenience. Our tailored solutions ensure smooth financial transactions to focus on its mission with peace of mind.